GT/iX Large Hard Case

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  • 1026193-01

  • GT/iX users may now purchase an optional 'large" case that can hold their GT or iX
    instrument PLUS all of the accessories! In addition to the ability to carry
    "everything" to the field in one case, you can also be assured that this case
    has passed all vibration testing so their investment is safe as possible.
    The case measures: Width 16.6” X Length 22.1” X Height 8.5”

    The Large Case Can Hold:

    • GT/iX Robotic Total Station
    • RC-5A with bumper
    • FC-5000 / SHC5000
    • ATP1 360 Prism
    • 2x BDC70 Batteries for GT
    • 2x BDC46 for RC-5A
    • CDC68 Charger and EDC113 Cable
    • Sun Glare for GT
    • Small tools for GT