Compact & Portable Prism Pole System - Offset -17.5 mm Nodal

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  • 5910-02-ARD

    • Ideal for all handheld prism work, topos or precise layout work; it can be assembled in various configurations
    • This system comes with an adapter so that the prism assembly can be used with a standard 5/8 x 11 (male-threaded) prism poles, for height of 115 mm
    • Also featuring a 40-minute adjustable vial and white sight cones that provides improved vertical angle pointing
    • Comes with -17.5 mm - Nodal offset position
    • An orange Cordura® carrying case is included
    • All anodized aluminum section lengths are known (30 cm)
    • All aluminum parts are Red
    • Weighs 1.60 lb (0.73 kg)